Independent Corporate Finance and Advisory Firm
Driving corporate transactions and growth with purpose.

The key differentiating advantages of Saint Gabriel is that we are passionate about two things: helping businesses reach their full potential and presenting investors with quality investment opportunities.

About Saint Gabriel

We believe in providing highly-targeted corporate advisory services. Too many companies race towards an IPO, only to later discover they aren’t ready for everything that comes with an initial public offering. Instead, we work with companies to fully explore their best options. Sometimes that means preparing for an IPO, and sometimes it means looking to grow through acquisitions, seeking out private investors, or alternative capital raising strategies.

Why Clients Choose Us

Our clients bring us in because of our subject matter expertise, research and analysis, creative problem-solving approach, and our passion for matching companies with the best transaction strategy for their situation.

We enjoy working with dedicated CEOS and founders who are ambitious. We are committed to changing the way businesses get funding advice. We aren’t afraid to be bold and unconventional. Our promise is that we will never compromise our integrity and we will never recommend a strategy that is not in our client’s best interests.

We know that capital is a powerful tool for creating growth, innovation, and long-term profits. We work with clients and investors who understand that capital is more than a goal in and of itself.

Our Network of Investors

In addition to providing bold, strategic capital advisory services, we also maintain a strong network of investors who are interested in learning about deal distribution opportunities that might be a good fit for their portfolios.

If you are ready to harness the power of capital to grow your business, we are ready to help you choose the right structure and strategy. Contact us to learn more about how Saint Gabriel can transform your business with the power of capital.


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