Andreas Ruf

CEO, InfiniGold

Andreas is the CEO of InfiniGold, a technology provider offering institutions the opportunity to present investors with a new, secure and easy way to trade, hold and transfer physical gold.
Andreas has been involved in managing and growing technology start-up companies in Australia and Europe for over 20 years.
His interest in digitising assets – and in digital currencies in particular – dates back to the late 1990’s when he joined the company that first attempted to commercialise electronic cash – David Chaum’s DigiCash.
Working in various roles at the Capital Markets CRC, a research centre with the mission to improve the fairness and efficiency of global financial markets, Andreas has been involved in the development of several of the institute commercialisation projects over the last 14 years. As Managing Director of Smarts Broker he drove the international expansion of what is today the global standard for trade surveillance and managed the post-acquisition integration into Nasdaq.
Passionate about the opportunities that the digitisation of assets provides, Andreas joined InfiniGold in 2017 and is driving the international rollout of the platform. InfiniGold will continue to combine the expertise, infrastructure, scale, security and quality of The Perth Mint with innovative technology of digital markets – making investment in, and distribution of, gold assets far more widely available.

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