2018 Presentations

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Wednesday 3rd October 2018


Session 1 – Chaired by Kerry Stevenson, Managing Director, Symposium

8.45am      Keynote Presentation: Don Mackay-Coghill, Chairman, Gold Corporation
9.15am      Keynote presentation: Jeff Berwick, Founder, The Dollar Vigilante
10.00am    Sponsor presentation: Kelly Carter, Vice Chairperson, Gold Industry Group
10.15am    Investor Presentation: Regis Resources, Mark Clark, Managing Director (RRL)

Session 2 – Chaired by Bernadette Sukkar, CEO, Saint Gabriel
Sponsored by Saint Gabriel

11.00am    Keynote Presentation: Joshua Rotbart, Founder and Managing Partner, J Rotbart and Co Hong Kong
11.30am    Investor Presentation:
Pantoro Ltd, Paul Cmrlec, Managing Director (PNR)
11.45am    Investor Presentation: Gascoyne Resources, Mike Dunbar, Managing Director (GCY)
12.00pm    Investor Presentation: St Barbara, Stean Barrie, General Manager, Technical Services (SBM)
12.15pm    Investor Presentation: Gold Road Resources, Hayden Bartrop, General Manager – Corporate Development and Legal (GOR)
12.30pm    Keynote Presentation: Bron Suchecki, Precious Metals Consultant, Suchecki Consulting

Session 3 – Chaired by Bruce Fulton, Director, Ophir Partners

2.00pm    Keynote Presentation: Sean Russo, Founder, Noah’s Rule
2.30pm    Investor Presentation: Blackham Resources, Bryan Dixon, Managing Director (BLK)
2.45pm    Investor Presentation: Northern Star Resources, Shaun Day, CFO (NST)
3.05pm    Investor Presentation: Ramelius Resources, Mark Zeptner, CEO (RMS)
3.20pm    Investor Presentation: RNC Minerals, Mark Selby, President and CEO (TSE:RNX)

Session 4 – Chaired by Rob Murdoch, Austex Mining

4.00pm    Keynote Presentation: Tony Locantro, Alto Capital
4.20pm    Investor Presentation: Red 5 Limited, Mark Williams, Managing Director (RED)
4.35pm    Investor Presentation: West Gold Resources, Anthony Buckingham, Principal Mining Engineer & Business Development (WGX)
4.50pm    Investor Presentation: Matsa Resources, Paul Poli, Managing Director (MAT)
5.05pm    Investor Presentation: Resolute Mining, John Welborn, Managing Director & CEO (RSG)
5.20pm    Sponsor presentation: Jardine Lloyd Thompson, Barry Vickery, JLT Specie Fine Art and Jewellery CEO
5.30pm    Keynote Presentation: Jordan Eliseo, Chief Economist, ABC Bullion

Thursday 4th October 2018

Session 5 – Chaired by Kerry Stevenson, Managing Director, Symposium

8.35am       Presentation: Warren Pearce, Chief Executive Officer Association of Mining Exploration Companies (AMEC)
8.45am       Keynote presentation: Eric Sprott, Chairman Kirkland Lake Gold (KLA)
9.45am       Investor Presentation: Novo Resources, Dr Quinton Hennigh, Chairman and President
10.00am     Investor Presentation: Impact Minerals, Dr Mike Jones, Managing Director (IPT)
10.15am     Investor Presentation: Aruma Resources, Peter Schawnn, Managing Director (AAJ)

Session 6 – Chaired by Warren Pearce, Chief Executive Officer AMEC

11.00am    Keynote Presentation: Liam Twigger, Managing Director, PCF Capital
11.30am    Investor Presentation: Kingston Resources, Andrew Corbett Managing Director (KSN)
11.45am    Investor Presentation: Alt Resources, James Anderson, Managing Director (ARS)
12.00pm    Investor Presentation: Azure Minerals, Tony Rovira, Managing Director (AAJ)
12.15pm    Investor Presentation: Alto Metals, Dermot Ryan, Managing Director (AME)

Session 7 – Chaired by Albert Cheng, Chief Executive Officer, Singapore Bullion Market Association

1.45pm    Keynote Presentation: Albert Cheng, Chief Executive Officer, Singapore Bullion Market Association 
2.00pm    Keynote Presentation: Sudheesh Nambiath, Head, India Gold Policy Centre
2.15pm    Investor Presentation: Nusantara Resources, Mike Spreadborough, Managing Director (NUS)

2.30pm    Investor Presentation: SolGold Plc, Steve Garwin, Chief Technical Advisor (LSE & TSX: SOLG)

2.45pm    Investor Presentation: Saturn Metals, Ian Bamborough, Managing Director (STN)

3.00pm    Investor Presentation: Geopacific Resources, Ron Heeks, Managing Director
3.15pm    Investor Presentation: PolarX Limited, Fraser Tabeart, Managing Director (PXX)

Session 8 – Chaired by Paul Carter, Institutional Sales, Morgans Financial

4.00pm    Keynote Presentation: Barry Dawes, Executive Chairman, Martin Place Securities

4.30pm    Investor Presentation: Kairos Mining, Terry Topping, Managing Director (KAI)

4.45pm    Investor Presentation: De Grey Mining, Simon Lill, Executive Chairman (DEG) 

5.00pm    Investor Presentation: Kin Mining, Andrew Munckton, Managing Director (KIN)

5.15pm    Investor Presentation: Breaker Resources, Tom Sanders, Exec. Chairman (BRB

Friday 5th October 2018

Session 1
8.45am       Digital Markets Presentation: Jeremy Samuel, Founder, Metalicoin
9.15am       Digital Markets Presentation: Jeff Berwick, Founder, The Dollar Vigilante

Session 2
11.00am     Digital Markets Presentation: Joshua Rotbart, Founder and Managing Partner, J Rotbart and Co. Hong Kong
11.30am     Digital Markets Presentation: Richard Hayes, CEO, The Perth Mint
12.00pm     Digital Markets Presentation: Andreas Ruf, CEO, InfiniGold
12.30pm     Digital Markets Presentation: Liam Twigger, Managing Director, PCF Capital

Session 3
2.00pm       Digital Markets Presentation: Joshua Scigala, CEO and Co-founder, Vaultoro
2.30pm       Digital Markets Presentation: Leigh Travers, CEO, Digital X
3.00pm       Digital Markets Presentation: Rishi Kher, COO, Metalicoin
3.15pm       Digital Markets Presentation: Rob Gobert, Mining and Process Solutions

Session 4
4.00pm       Digital Markets Presentation: Chris Paull, Director, PWC

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