S4E01 – Interview with Jeff Berwick of The Dollar Vigilante

Watch the interview here.

It has been a while since my last email to you and only 14 weeks until we all come together for the annual Precious Metals Investment Symposium taking place in Perth for the first time this October.

I have taken some time out to come over to Queenstown to ski and enjoy some fresh mountain air. Seems people from mining and finance also like Queenstown as I have bumped into a few here. Sometimes the world seems a lot smaller when you are away from your own town. I am having an amazing time and if you have not yet been to Queenstown you must go, it is quite simply stunning.

Before I left, I interviewed Jeff Berwick founder of The Dollar Vigilante about the accelerating global debt and what he thinks about interest rates, precious metals and why we should be diversifying into hard assets. During my interview with Jeff, it’s clear that he doesn’t have a lot of time for current governments and his mistrust of how they manage economies needs to be listened to carefully. The amount of global debt right now is out of control and nothing is being done about it. I remember when a million dollars sounded like a lot of money. Now people use the words billions and trillions like it doesn’t matter. Jeff is passionate about exposing the truth when it comes to global debt and out of control government spending. 

Jeff will be coming to Australia for the first time in a very long time with some timely advice for all of us during this year’s keynote address at PMIS on Wednesday 3rd October. Jeff will speak about precious metals and why right now we are at a crucial moment in time to understand the importance of this commodity.

Following on from the Precious Metals Symposium we are excited to be working with Metalicoin to bring you this years Crypto Investment Symposium on Friday 5th October where Jeff will be giving his views on the future of cryptocurrencies and why we should not ignore this new development. Check out the interview here. Jeff also runs the annual Anarchapulco conference focusing on free thinking and libertarians in Acapulco in February.

This week having some time to myself a friend suggested I watch a movie called Icarus. If you haven’t already seen this, do yourselves a favour and make time to see it. Why? Because it brings home what Jeff speaks about that sometimes all is not as it seems.

When director Bryan Fogel set out to make his jaw-dropping, absolutely insane doping documentary, Icarus, he didn’t know that he’d walk away with exclusive footage of what may go down as the biggest scandal in the history of sport. I think there may be a lot more scandals that will come out of the woodwork and it pays to be aware and awake to this fast paced world we live in.

So 2 things to watch; my interview with Jeff Berwick and Icarus the movie on Netflix and then make sure to go here and get your tickets to PMIS2018 and CIS2018.

This year’s agenda is full of great speakers and investment opportunities. We also have a surprise guest at this year’s Awards dinner on Wednesday 3rd October so be sure and book tickets to the dinner too. I look forward to seeing old friends and meeting new members of our community in Perth this October.

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