17 April 2014 | Symposium Blog

Well here we are the last working day before the Easter bunny arrives, and we all have some time to reflect on 2014 so far. We have just completed our 2nd investor roadshow for the year this week. I was pleased to see the great turnout we had in both Sydney and Melbourne, and to also hear that there is some enthusiasm returning to investor sentiment. It seems that people are realising that right now, with the right companies, there is real value to be had.

The thoughts of the Symposium team go out to the family and friends of the two coal miners; Phillip Grant and Jamie Mitchell, who were killed in Tuesday’s mine wall collapse. This is an industry where safety is paramount and the industry a close knit one. Accidents like this only go to highlight that mining can be difficult and dangerous but also that the industry does pull together at times like this.

Michael and I would like to wish you all a relaxing Easter break, and more importantly to keep safe.

Kind regards,

Kerry Stevenson
Managing Director, Symposium

Kerry Stevenson | Managing Director | Symposium

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