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Kerry Stevenson | Managing Director | SymposiumIt has been a while since I have written to our clients and customers and it feels like only yesterday I was wishing you all a very happy Christmas and new year.

Well here we are already its April and 2014 seems to be flying past. Easter is upon us and the temptation to succumb to all the easter chocolates in every store you pass is tough. April is that month where it seems people have one eye on business and the other on school holidays, easter and of course the very important Anzac day of rememberance. My father Captain John Philip Stevenson (RAN retired), aged 92, and I will be marching in Sydney on Anzac day as part of the HMAS Melbourne Association with Dad leading that section.

How the world has changed from the very first Anzac day march in 1916 to today, some 98 years later.

So here we are a third of the way through 2014 and what have we learnt? The world keeps on turning, the sun still rises in the east and the printing of fiat currency seems to have no end in sight. But what does this all mean for us as investors and as people who work in one of the most vibrant but misunderstood sectors of the Australian economy?

I was recently the MC for the Port Phillip Publishing World War D symposium held at the Hyatt hotel in Melbourne. There we heard from some of the most switched on speakers in the world such as Jim Rickards and Marc Faber to name just two. It was an extraordinary two days with over 350 delegates listening intently to the words of all the speakers. My favourite quote, well actually there are two were;

The first from Jim Rickards – “Bitcoin feels like currency at this point. I don’t recommend it to investors but I’m not anti-bitcoin.

My favourite quote however was from Marc Faber and was just one of many light hearted moments in a very serious wealth symposium – We have a global festival of money printing,‘ he said to much laughter. ‘It’s going to end badly, we just don’t know when.

DVD’s of World Ward D are available now. To purchase, click here.

Well I think we all know that these days information is instantaneous and some people react quickly and sometimes not wisely to news. My best piece of advice is listen, listen,listen and then make decisions but keep yourself well informed. And that dear reader, is why we love to keep you educated at our Symposiums.

I hope to see all of you in Broken Hill, the home of mining and a great place to listen and learn. To view the latest agenda click here.

Kind regards,

Kerry Stevenson
Managing Director, Symposium

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