No one really knows what’s going on and that’s okay

It’s been a while since I touched base with my community and so I will take this moment to wish everyone a great 2018. Some of you may be thinking what a strange headline but it strikes me that there is a link between all.

This week has seen dramatic swings on the stockmarket.

Some of the doom mongers amongst our community are putting the frighteners on people by suggesting the end of the good times are finally here.

They say it’s only a matter of moments before stocks dive.

Before real estate plunges.
And Cryto is a scam.
What does an investor do?

We live in a world that is moving at breathtaking speed. Cast your minds back to when the first iPhone was released. It was only on June 29,2007. Just over ten years ago. But it feels like a lifetime of change has happened.

Now, we’re contending with new currencies powered by new technologies.

As for the investing community, forget traditional television and boring Sky News. Reddit, blog posts and Telegram communities are more likely to influence the modern investor. Hedge funds are now using Twitter analysis to figure out when a stock might trend.

It’s clear people need to be better educated, smarter and resourceful to stay alive in the modern investing game.

That also means that you need to spend time reading, studying and learning to play a smarter long game.

We are heading into an ever more connected world. A world where digital is replacing paper money. But a world where precious metals as a store of value will play a vital role.

Russia and China recently came to an arrangement whereby they would begin to price oil in Yuan using a gold-backed futures contracts.

China is making a major move against the dollar’s global dominance, as early as this year. To support this, The Shanghai Gold Exchange has been reaching out recently to look at creating new partnerships.

What does that mean for investors? Education is key. Embrace new ways of thinking. Find new, emerging investor communities.

And have a smart portfolio. One which embraces the risks of crypto with the certainty of gold.

This years Precious Metals Investment Symposium will take place at the Pan Pacific in Perth from the 3-5 October

From Dirt to Coin to Crypto

I look forward to seeing you there to strengthen your investing intelligence!

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