October 2013 LionAnalyst Paper – Mining Investment Cycles

Investment activity in the mining sector is cyclical. History provides a consistent record of sector valuations increasing in a boom and then collapsing in a bust, with cyclical periodicity of approximately 5-10 years. The cyclicity associated with the value of mining equities is driven by liquidity, which is the product of sentiment. Click here to read more

Time for shareholders to get more than just a hole in the ground – introducing the Production Linked Dividend model

David Baker, Managing Partner at Baker Steel Capital Managers argues poor capital management is high on the list as to why investors are selling their gold shares.  In an effort to restore the trust between investors and management Baker Steel has proposed the Production Linked Dividend.  This model is quickly catching on; the feedback from … Read more

Gold Road Resources – Gruyere Gold Discovery doubles in size at Dorothy Hills Trend

ASX Announcment made 18/11/2013 Highlights Drilling doubles the strike length of the Gruyere Prospect at the Dorothy Hills Trend to 800 metres Latest  assay  results  from  recent  20  holes  (2,110  metres)  infill  and extensional  RC  drilling  programme  confirms  significant  extension  and mineralisation Strike extended by 200 metres to north and south for a total strike length of 800 metres and remains open in both directions and at depth Horizontal width of mineralisation increased to 180 metres at greater than 1.0 g/t Au in the northern most section. Read full ASX announcement here

The scarcity of gold

Written by Peter August, CEO, Melbourne Mint. Gold has been always been genuinely scarce; if you were to gather and melt all the gold mined throughout history it would be barely enough to fill 3.5 Olympic sized swimming pools. Of this gold, only a mere fraction is freely traded on the market at any given … Read more

Is Gold Broken?

Written by Dominic McCormick, Chief Investment Officer at Select Asset Management. The poor recent performance of gold has resulted in claims that it is now a “broken” investment vehicle. Broken as a commodity, an alternative currency and even as a portfolio diversifier. (Note this article focuses on gold itself not gold mining stocks which is … Read more

Sprott’s Thoughts: A ‘Taper’ in a Teapot

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Precious Metals or Mining Stocks? – Rick Rule

Written by Henry Bonner, Sprott Global Resource Investments Ltd. Late summer saw, to the relief of some investors, some price improvements in precious metals and precious metals stocks. We asked Sprott USA Holdings Chairman Rick Rule if he thought this might indicate that we’ve seen the bottom in this sector. “There’s a key element still … Read more

Gold: Bull Market Not Over

Prepared by BBY Limited, Broker Sponsor at the 6th annual Gold Investment Symposium in Sydney, 16-17 October 2013. For more information, contact the BBY Client sales & solutions team on 1800 551 212 or enquiries@bby.com.au.

Everybody Knows; Yet, Everybody Rolls

Written by Louis Boulanger, Founder & Director, LB Now Limited.  “Everybody knows that the dice are loaded Everybody rolls with their fingers crossed Everybody knows that the war is over Everybody knows the good guys lost Everybody knows the fight was fixed The poor stay poor, the rich get rich That’s how it goes Everybody … Read more

September Gold Chart

Written by David Coe. Gold, like all commodities, has a seasonal pattern that repeats year after year with a measurable probability. This chart shows the price of gold’s average seasonal pattern towards the end of each year and was calculated by measuring the weekly changes since 1987. Chart provided by www.seasonaltrader.com. The size and regularity … Read more

Hot & Gold

Written by David Coe, BRW September is the golden month when a wide variety of unexpected events  usually trigger rises in bullion prices. The biggest single event was the September 11 attacks in 2001. In 2005, Hurricane Katrina knocked out oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico, which sent the price of crude oil soaring … Read more

The Fundamentals to Forecasting Gold Prices

Written By Peter August, CEO, Melbourne Mint. Since 2001 gold’s price has increased over 500 per cent, from a low of US$258 to around US$1,400 at present representing an annual compound growth of 14 -18% per cent. Gold’s long-term upward price trend is a reflection of the malaise that has been affecting the world since … Read more

Fundamentally, you have to be an optimist on gold

Written by Owen Hegarty, Vice Chairman, G-Resources Group Gold watching may just be the world’s most crowded profession. In every financial capital there are scores of people developing their charts, their theories and their forecasts about where gold is headed. I have been asked to add to that cacophony by presenting my view to the … Read more