Now in its 7th year, Australia’s leading precious metals investment summit, the Gold Investment Symposium, is back on 8 & 9 October 2014.

Top Reasons to Attend:

Valuable Connections: Meet face-to-face with the industry’s senior decision-makers and investment leaders from across Australia and around the world – all in one place at one time.

Influential: Hear from the leaders within the precious metals industry – equities executives, fund managers, sell and buy-side analysts, market experts and economists – all making the investment case for the precious metals, and forecasting future trends.

Powerful Agenda:
Be on hand for breaking company news. Learn about critical industry issues and developments from a broad range of producers, developers, explorers and market professionals – complemented by outstanding keynote speakers.

National & Global Perspectives: Learn from and build relationships with peers from the Australian and global investment community.

Incredible Venue: Sydney offers every world class amenity necessary for productive investor networking and decision-making.

2014 Keynote Speakers 

James Turk
Founder & Director
David Baker
Managing Partner
Baker Steel Capital Managers
Brent Johnson
Founder & CEO
Santiago Capital
John Levin
Global Head of Metal Sales
ANZ Banking Group
Bob Moriarty
Greg Canavan
Feature Editor
The Daily Reckoning
Dr Alice McCleary
Stewart Thomson
Graceland Investment Management
Tony Locantro
Managing Director
Locantro Capital
Sean Russo
Noah's Rule

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