PMIS 2017 | MELBOURNE | NOV 10th

The most exciting and fastest growing opportunity in 2017 and beyond.

We all know that your money is a huge part of your life – And most of you know it is changing. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are just the beginning of a major trend in finance that is going to impact you personally.
The attention in the digital money space this year has seen the market cap of cryptocurrencies surging beyond belief. If you had purchased $100 of Bitcoin in 2011, they would now be worth over $400,000 in relative dollar terms. Investment or speculation? Either way, thats not a bad return. The question is – Is it too late to get involved or should you back up the truck?
Cryptocurrency technology and bitcoin has been around since 2009 and it’s not going anywhere, anytime soon. You need to educate yourself NOW about financial technology.

why attend

Bitcoin and Digital Money.
The new opportunities backed by gold.

This session will open your eyes to a new era of asset class and give you access to an incredible opportunity for those who love gold and silver, and, want to be involved in one of the greatest financial and digital innovations of our time.

Join us for an incredible 2-hour session with 3 expert speakers and panel discussion. There will also be the opportunity for questions where you can participate and learn from leading digital currency experts.

what you will learn

During the 2-hour session you will learn:

The Basics of Bitcoin

 How to Buy Bitcoin Safely and Securely

Where to Buy Bitcoin and alternative coins

Other Cryptocurrencies to look out for

And much more!


Joshua Scigala

CEO, Vaulturo

Sam Volkering

Author, Analyst & Editor,
Port Phillip Publishing

David Morgan

The Morgan Report

event details

Date & Time

Friday 10th November 2017
Session begins at 3:30pm


Pullman Melbourne On The Park Hotel
192 Wellington Parade
Melbourne, Victoria AUSTRALIA


+61 1300 910 389


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The Session is part of the 2-day Precious Metals Investment Symposium.
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