Gold Bulls About to Win the War

In today’s Money Morning:…the gold dip is your friend…three reasons to stay bullish on gold…the flaw at the heart of the eurozone…a growth trend in energy…one company to benefit… Gold Bulls About to Win the War If you’ve ever thought about buying gold, but never quite got round to it — in the space of … Read more

More Revelations from My Time with Eric Sprott

You could say that buying gold is like drinking vintage Grange wine. In which case buying silver is like doing double shots of Bundaberg rum. They both have the desired effect – the latter does it more effectively, but at the risk of a bigger hangover. Silver’s volatility means it swings wildly between the buy … Read more

Measure & Money by Louis Boulanger

Money today; what a mindjob!  We work hard for it, we covet it, and we never seem to have enough of it.  Yet, we generally haven’t got the slightest idea of how money originally came into existence, nor do we fully realise that what is considered to be ‘money’ today is a fraud, a pale … Read more

How to Pick Ten Baggers

Article written by Tony Locantro November 2011 Most of my writing comes from inspiration. The last eight or so months for stock pickers (and most market participants) has been most challenging and many no doubt would have questioned their strategy whilst wishing they had funds in a term deposit. The impetus to write this article … Read more

LOCANTRO’S LIFE: Minotaur Exploration (MEP) research

I had the pleasure of spending a morning/afternoon over two days with Minotaur Exploration (MEP) in Adelaide and came away impressed with not only their project portfolio but also the high level work being undertaken on a number of exploration targets. I understand that the quality junior explorers are struggling for interest and any strength … Read more

The Future of Resources Depends on Next Generation

Symposium is pleased to announce that all profits from this year Resources and Energy Symposium (RES) will go directly into the Symposium Foundation that has been set up to provide funds to further educate students wishing to continue their tertiary education within the resources field. The Resources and Energy Symposium brings together some of Australia … Read more

Kerry Stevenson – Symposium

Resources conference doyen and managing director of Symposium, Kerry Stevenson dropped into The Roadhouse this week to run the measuring tape across our Lang Hancock room as a potential site for one of her upcoming events. The upcoming year is going to be very busy and that can most probably be credited to the meteoric … Read more

China’s “Going Out” initiative undergoes a shift

China’s Going Out initiative undergoes a shift. Changes to China’s foreign investment policies put the onus back on us to improve how we conduct business with the Chinese. The recent news that Chinese authorities are looking to crack down on outbound foreign investment following two disastrous investments in the Australian resources sector could potentially harm … Read more


Colleagues, Please find attached this week Investment Fundamentals. Highlights of the week include: Despite intraday volatility, the market barely moved for the week, losing 17 points on a 50 Leaders basis from 4066 to 4048.9. Following this slight reduction in prices, the Total Shareholder return improved slightly from 25.0% to 25.1%, comprising capital gains of … Read more

Strategic Land Use

Introduction: Patron Professor Ian Plimer, Minister Chris Hartcher, Sir Eric Neal, Managing Director of Symposium Kerry Stevenson, fellow speakers and ladies and gentlemen. I come to this Symposium as a sixth-generation Australian farmer from north-western NSW who understands farmers attachment to land, and who hopes that deep commitment is reflected in the stewardship of the … Read more