Session 1
Chaired by Kerry Stevenson - Managing Director, Symposium

8.30Welcome Kerry Stevenson, Managing Director, Symposium
8.40Sponsor presentation: AusGold: Sally Zou, Director
8.50Sponsor presentation: The Perth Mint: Richard Hayes, Chief Executive Officer
9.20Keynote presentation: Lion Selection Group: Hedley Widdup - Positioning for profit in the new mining boom  (ASX:LSX)
9.40Keynote Presentation: Kirkland Lake Gold: Eric Sprott, Chairman - Finding opportunities in precious metals (TSX:KL)
10.30Morning Tea

Session 2
Chaired by Les Cox - Regional Manager, AMEC

11.00 Sponsor presentation: Gold Industry Group: Richard Hayes, Chairperson
11.15 Investor Presentation: Navarre Minerals: Geoff McDermott, Managing Director (ASX: NML)
11.30 Investor Presentation: Whiterock Minerals: Matt Gill, Managing Director & CEO  (ASX:WRM)
11.45 Investor Presentation: Ausgold Limited: Mathew Greentree, CEO (ASX:AUC)
12.00 Investor Presentation: WPG Resources: Wayne Rossiter, CEO (ASX:WPG)
12.15 Panel Discussion: How to pick winners in Precious Metals
Chaired by Oliver Heathman, Head of Mining Research, Metals Focus
Panelists: Eric Sprott - Chairman Kirkland Lake Gold
David Morgan - The Morgan Report
Mr Albert Cheng - Singapore Bullion Market Association
1.15 Lunch

Session 3
Chaired by Hedley Widdup - Lion Selection Group

2.00Keynote Presentation: Shanghai Gold Exchange, Mr. Zhuang Xiao, Chief Technology Officer
2.30Investor Presentation: Macphersons Resources, Jeff Williams, MD (ASX:MRP)
2.45Investor Presentation: SolGold: Nick Mather, CEO  (LSE AIM: SOLG)
3.00 Investor Presentation: Anova Metals: Bill Fry, Executive Director  (ASX:AWV)
3.15Afternoon Tea

Session 4
Chaired by Jordan Eliseo - Chief Economist, ABC Bullion

3.45Keynote Presentation: Noah's Rule: Sean Russo, Principal - Gold: the road less travelled (and certainly less understood)
4.15Investor Presentation: Alto Metals, Dermot Ryan, Managing Director (ASX:AME)
4.30Investor Presentation: Impact Minerals, Mike Jones, Managing Director (ASX:IPT)
4.45Investor Presentation: Aruma Resources: Kathryn Cutler, Exploration Manager  (ASX:AAJ)
5.00Investor Presentation: Echo Resources, Simon Coxhell, Managing Director  (ASX:EAR)
5.15Keynote Presentation: Nick Frappell, General Manager, ABC Bullion

The 6th Annual Precious Metal Industry Awards Gala Dinner

6.30Pre-Dinner Drinks in Exhibition Hall - Sponsored by Kingsgate Consolidated
7.30Awards Gala Dinner


Session 5
Chaired by Kerry Stevenson - Managing Director, Symposium

8.30Welcome Back: Overview of day one
8.45 Keynote presentation: David Morgan, The Morgan ReportInvesting in the Age of Deception
9.45Investor Presentation: GeopacificRon Heeks, Managing Director (ASX: GPR)
10.00Investor Presentation: Southern Gold: Simon Mitchell, Managing Director (ASX:SAU)
10.15Investor Presentation: Kin Mining: Don Harper, Managing Director (ASX:KIN)
10.30Morning Tea

Session 6
Richard Morrow - Chairman, Melbourne Mining Club

11.00Investor Presentation: Guardian Vaults
11.15Investor Presentation: Azure Minerals: Tony Rovira, Managing Director (ASX:AZS)
11.30Investor Presentation: Blackham Resources, Bryan Dixon, Managing Director (ASX:BLK)
11.45Investor Presentation: Orinoco Gold, Craig Dawson, CEO (ASX:OGX)
12.00Investor Presentation: Emmerson Resources, Rob Bills, Managing Director  (ASX:ERM)
12.15Investor Presentation: Exclesior Gold, Rowan Johnston, Managing Director (ASX:EXG)

Session 7
Chaired by Rob Murdoch - Austext Mining

1.45Keynote Presentation: Port Philip Publishing: Greg Canavan - Gold: The Most Dangerous Investment in the World
2.15Investor Presentation: Catalyst Metals, Bruce Kay, Technical Director (ASX:CYL)
2.30Investor Presentation: Breaker Resources: Tom Sanders, Executive Chairman (ASX:BRB)
2.45Investor Presentation: De Grey Mining: Andy Beckwith, Project Manager (ASX:DEG)
3.00Afternoon Tea

Session 8
Chaired by Sam Volkering - Port Philip Publishing


GOLD & CRYPTOCURRENCY COLLIDES - Bitcoin and Digital Money - The new opportunities backed by gold.

This session will open your eyes to a new era of asset class and give you access to an incredible opportunity for those who love gold and silver, and, want to be involved in one of the greatest financial and digital innovations of our time.
Join us for an incredible 2-hour session with 3 expert speakers and panel discussion. There will also be the opportunity for questions where you can participate and learn from leading digital currency expertsDon't miss this session as we end PMIS with a bang.

To learn more about this session click here.

3.30Keynote Presentation: Port Philip Publishing: Sam Volkering
4.15Keynote Presentation: Vaultoro: Joshua Scigala, CEO
5.00Panel Discussion: GOLD & CRYPTOCURRENCY COLLIDESBitcoin and Digital Money - The new opportunities backed by gold.
Panelists: Joshua Scigala, Sam Volkering, David Morgan and Jordan Eliseo.
6.00PMIS 2017 Wrap-up

*Times, speakers and sessions are subject to change.