Please note that the Agenda is subject to change.

Tuesday 2nd October 2018

6.00pm – 8pm Gold Industry Group Welcome Drinks, sponsored and hosted
                          by The Perth Mint

Wednesday 3rd October 2018

Session 1  Chaired by Kerry Stevenson, Managing Director, Symposium

8.30am      Welcome Kerry Stevenson, Managing Director, Symposium
8.45am      Sponsor presentation: Richard Hayes, CEO, Perth Mint
9.15am      Keynote presentation: Jeff Berwick, Founder, The Dollar Vigilante
10.00am    Sponsor presentation: Kelly Carter, Vice Chairperson, Gold Industry Group
10.15am    Investor Presentation: Regis Resources, Mark Clark, Managing Director (RRL)
10.30am    Morning Tea in the exhibition area

Session 2   Chaired by Bernadette Sukkar, CEO, Saint Gabriel
Sponsored by Saint Gabriel

11.00am    Keynote Presentation: Joshua Rotbart, Founder and Managing Partner,
                    J Rotbart and Co Hong Kong

Why the bullion industry needs to embrace the Crypto space, not dismiss it
In this presentation Joshua Rotbart explains how blockchain technology is changing the bullion industry, from logistical and operational aspects to financials. Why this is important to investors and what’s next.

11.30am    Investor Presentation: Pantoro Ltd, Paul Cmrlec, Managing Director (PNR)

11.45am    Investor Presentation: Gascoyne Resources, Mike Dunbar, Managing Director (GCY)
12.00pm    Investor Presentation: St Barbara, Bob Vassie, Managing Director (SBM)
12.15pm    Investor Presentation: Gold Road ResourcesHayden Bartrop,
                    General Manager – Corporate Development and Legal

12.30pm    Keynote Presentation: Bron Suchecki, Precious Metals Consultant, Suchecki Consulting


Why Central Banks should divest all their gold reserves!”
In this presentation Bron argues that gold investors will benefit from supporting a campaign to have all Central Banks divest themselves of their gold reserves. Unconvinced you can be convinced? Then come along to watch Bron crash and burn.

1.00pm      Lunch in the exhibition area

Session 3   Chaired by Bruce Fulton, Director, Ophir Partners

2.00pm    Keynote Presentation: Sean Russo, Founder, Noah’s Rule


Australian miners lead the world in sensible hedging and investors are reaping the benefits”
In this presentation Sean will examine the current hedging landscape and show how Australian producers have learnt from their past mistakes; using hedging to create cash flow predictability rather than speculating on gold prices.

With increased confidence they are drilling more and paying dividends giving shareholders income and the potential for capital growth.

2.30pm    Investor Presentation: Blackham Resources, Bryan Dixon, Managing Director (BLK)
2.45pm    Investor Presentation: Northern Star Resources, Shaun Day, CFO (NST)
3.15pm    Investor Presentation: Ramelius Resources, Mark Zeptner, CEO
3.30pm    Afternoon Tea in the exhibition area

Session 4  Chaired by Rob Murdoch, Austex Mining

4.00pm    Keynote Presentation: Tony Locantro, Alto Capital
4.20pm    Investor Presentation: Red 5 Limited, Mark Williams, Managing Director
4.35pm    Investor Presentation: West Gold Resources, TBC
5.00pm    Investor Presentation: Matsa Resources, Paul Poli, Managing Director
5.15pm    Investor Presentation: TBC
5.30pm    Sponsor presentation: Jardine Lloyd Thompson

Risks and Opportunities in the precious metals sector

5.40pm    ABC Bullion, Jordan Eliseo, Chief Economist

Who knew? Gold is in a bull market!
Despite some headlines, gold has performed very well in the last few years. In this talk, Jordan looks at the current state of the market, and highlights the key statistics which indicate prices will head higher. 

6.00pm    Close of day one

6.30pm    Pre-Dinner Drinks in Exhibition area
7.30pm    Awards Gala Dinner including the Gavin Thomas Mining Award,
                 The Maggie Bullion Award and the Annual Hall of Fame award

Thursday 4th October 2018

Session 5 – Chaired by Kerry Stevenson, Managing Director, Symposium

8.30am      Opening Remarks
8.45am      Keynote presentation: Eric Sprott, Chairman Kirkland Lake Gold (KLA)
9.45am      Investor Presentation: Impact Minerals, Dr Mike Jones, Managing Director (IPT)
10.00am    Investor Presentation: Aruma Resources, Peter Schawnn, Managing Director (AAJ)
10.15am    Investor Presentation: Kin Mining, Andrew Munckton, Managing Director (KIN)
10.30am    Morning Tea

Session 6  

11.00am    Keynote Presentation: Liam Twigger, Managing Director, PCF Capital
11.30am    Investor Presentation: Kingston Resources, Andrew Corbett Managing Director (KSN)
11.45am    Investor Presentation: Alt Resources, James Anderson, Managing Director (ARS)
12.00pm    Investor Presentation: Azure Minerals, Tony Rovira, Managing Director (AAJ)
12.15pm    Investor Presentation: Alto Metals, Dermot Ryan, Managing Director (AME)
12.45pm    Lunch

Session 7

1.45pm    Keynote Presentation: Barry Dawes, Executive Chairman, Martin Place Securities

Pilbara Conglomerates – real or fake news?
In this presentation Barry Dawes will share some of the important information he has been gathering about this new area of potential high grade gold discoveries

2.15pm    Investor Presentation: Novo Resources TBC
2.30pm    Investor Presentation: De Grey Mining: Andy Beckwith, Project Manager (DEG) 
2.45pm    Investor Presentation: Kairos Mining, Terry Topping, Managing Director (KAI)
3.00pm    Investor Presentation: Breaker Resources: Tom Sanders, Exec. Chairman (BRB)           
3.15pm    Afternoon Tea

Session 8

3.30pm    Keynote Presentation: Don Mackay Coghill, Chairman, Gold Corporation
3.55pm    Investor Presentation: Nusantara Resources, Mike Spreadborough,
                 Managing Director (NUS)
4.10pm    Investor Presentation: Breaker Resources, Tom Sanders, Exec. Chairman (BRB)
4.25pm    Investor Presentation: Saturn Metals, Ian Bamborough, Managing Director (STN)
4.40pm    Investor Presentation: TBC
4.55pm    Introduction to Crypto Investment Symposium 
5.00pm    Close of PMIS 2018