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Symposium: Connecting industry with investment and ideas


Who we are

Symposium is a company dedicated to helping companies deliver the right message to the right people by way of live business events for the precious metals industry through to one on one client interaction and our latest offering – Symposium Investor Relations, where we can help you deliver your message in a more structured and ultimately a better way.

Our mission is to help out clients grow their businesses through a well structured marketing strategy.

Symposium is dedicated to working closely with its presenters and key-note speakers to ensure their messages are clearly communicated to the investment community.

We do more than just give them a slide projector and microphone – we can help with their presentation as well as offer advice on presentation skills and how to effectively communicate their message. We also work with them to ensure they have the right people in the room to hear that message.


“Kerry’s energetic style and professional approach makes Australian Resources Promotion a great networking and information sharing forum for investors and resource sector developers.”

Richard Rossiter, Chairman, Realm Resources


Symposium is all about delivering a first class service for our clients.